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In general, most of my photos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Commercial or Non-Commercial license, with only a few photos falling under an All Rights Reserved license.

Since on this web site it's not easy to set the license on single photos, I had to standardise licenses to

All Rights Reserved

even though you may find more permissive licenses for the same photos on my Flickr and Wikimedia Commons pages.

To see if a photo is on Flickr or Wikimedia Commons too, go there and search it using the title of the photo and/or my name (photos don't always have the same title across sites).

Another good way to find a photo is to drag the photo into Google Images search box or by using the TinEye service.

If you find the photo with CC license and use it, please follow the instructions on the license for proper attribution!

Every so often I receive emails asking permission for using my photos for some commercial purpose: pamphlets, gadgets, book covers and so on.

I will not answer to these emails: find the photo on Flickr or Wikimedia Commons (if present), look at the license and, if you believe it's appropriate, just use the photo with attribution!

If you don't find it, I am not interested in selling photos, so don't ask!

You can download all my photos in full resolution. What you do with them, beyond a personal or fair use, is your responsibility!

On the other hand, if you think a photo on this web site violates some kinds of Rights, don't hesitate to write me at:

p h o t o . g a l e o t t i @ g m a i l . c o m

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